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Top level domain list (Custom TLD list) to share it in our today’s post. You can learn more about what is a top level domain in our post.

What is a top level domain?

Top-level domain or in English Top-level domain (English: Top-level domain), abbreviated TLD (TLD) refers to a domain at the highest level of the Internet’s hierarchical domain name system, which is the root domain ) located just below.Top-level jurisdiction names are inserted into the root region of the namespace. This is the last part of the jurisdiction name for all lower-level jurisdictions; That is, it is the last non-zero character (label) of a fully-specified jurisdiction name.

For example, if is a domain name, its top-level domain is com. Most top-level jurisdictions are entrusted with the governance of Internet governance forums (Internet Governance Forums) and Internet multi-stakeholder communities (Internet Stakeholder Communities). They are responsible for managing the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and maintaining the root zone (DNS root zone) of jurisdictional naming. Information Collected : Wikipedia

Top level domain list

As far as I know there are seven top level domain that are most commonly used for websites these days. Mainly because they are the top-level domains that were formed in the early days of the internet. They are:

TLDUsed For
.govgovernment (U.S. national and state government agencies)
.milmilitary (U.S. military)
Information: Collected

Anyone of you can create blogs and websites by purchasing the domains listed below.

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org
  4. .edu
  5. info
  6. .online
  7. .tech
  8. .co
  9. .news
  10. .top
  11. .fun
  12. .club
  13. .xyz
  14. .site

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